Cabin Life

Life in the bunk is the element that differentiates day camp from resident camp.  The cabin is the center of life at camp.  An adage often heard from camp directors is, “Happy in the bunk, happy at camp.”  The bunk is where our friends are.  Learning to make and maintain friendships is central to not only life at camp, but to life itself.  We take great care in this area of camp.  Our bunk staff are chosen carefully and receive extensive instruction in creating and maintaining a safe, caring, and fun community of campers.

When I think of Camp Eagle wing several words come to mind: family, love, and happiness.


Campers share their thoughts on living technology free.

Wes and Becca BeVier       DIRECTORS

Finding the right camp for your child is a big decision and you are bound to have questions.  Becca would love to hear from you.  She can be reached by email, phone, or text at 860-604-6286/

Why do our campers find a home in the bunk?

eaglefavicon2      Because we have bunk staff that have been campers at Camp Eagle Wing in the past, and understand our  mission.  We know and have a history with them.

eaglefavicon2      Because we have bunk staff who love kids.

eaglefavicon2      Because we train our staff for a full week before camp begins. They learn how to recognize and respond to issues in the bunk.

eaglefavicon2      Because we have a staff member ALWAYS present in the cabin (even during free times, and after lights out).

eaglefavicon2      Because we teach campers that civility, at camp and in the bunk, is NOT optional.

eaglefavicon2      Because we stress the importance of relationships.

eaglefavicon2      Because our staff act in loco parentis.

eaglefavicon2      Because our staff not only manage, but engage campers…in fun, in pranks, in meaningful conversation, and with each other.

What are the cabins like?

Each cabin half houses up to 12 campers, and 2 counselors.  Bedding is provided.  The cabins also have electricity, bathrooms with showers, bunk beds, and shelves.