Camper FAQs

Do you get to choose your activities at camp?

YES! This is one of the unique and wonderful things about Camp Eagle Wing. Campers get to pursue their own interests. Each day, during our four activity periods, campers sign up for activities of their choice.

Do I have to wear the camp uniform every day at camp?

Yes, all campers, with the exception of our Bobcats, must wear the camp uniform each day, but there are so many choices that work. If you visit our camp store, you will see many options for tops and bottoms, with brands like Patagonia, Under Armour, Soffe, Champion, etc. represented.

What is the food like?

Camp food is good. Meals like chicken fingers, Caesar salad, pizza, tacos, pancakes, subs, hamburgers, etc. are a regular part of the camp menu. Even campers who arrive with picky palates find things they like to eat. Campers especially enjoy the nightly salad bar and ice-cream sundae night!

Where do our campers come from?

Our campers come from all over country, and the world, though the majority are from the Central Connecticut area.

How can I communicate with my family back home?

Because campers do not place or receive phone calls, letter writing has become a big deal at camp. Camp may be the last place in the developed world where people still write and receive hand-written letters. Many campers use rest time and free time to write home to friends and family, and we always encourage parents to send letters and packages while their camper is at camp. Lunchtime at camp is always exciting because mail usually arrives just beforehand.   While most campers bring their own stationary and stamps, we are also happy to provide those things if needed, or if you run out.

If I have siblings or relatives at camp will I be able to see them?

Camp Eagle Wing is a small camp, with less than 100 campers a session. Our size is part of what makes us unique, close, and it is also why you will be able to see your family member quite a bit. All of camp eat meals together, sign up for activities together, go to Evening Programs together, and engage in all special events together. These are all places where you would be able to spend time with your family member if you choose.

What are special events?

Special events are times when we break from the normal schedule to all do something neat. Many, though not all, of these are color related and most are scheduled. For instance, every summer we have a Treasure Hunt, where the entire camp is broken into teams to solve clues that lead to a treasure. The event begins at dinner and ends well into the night (sometimes past midnight!). There are many others as well.

What is color wars?

Each summer campers compete in events that determine which color banner will end up in the dining hall at the end of the summer. There are captains and lieutenants, meetings to strategize, etc. At the beginning of each session, new campers (with the exception of Bobcats) receive their color. And, once received, it is their color for life- Grey or Green. Color Wars is a major part of camp culture, and while competitive, it is fun competition against people we care about. Note: In order to be safe, we recommend new campers bring both grey and green paraphernalia to camp with them (bandanas, face paint, clothing).

Are there trips at camp?

Yes, on an almost daily basis there are trips offered at camp. And, because you get to choose your activities, you will be able to go on many of these if your skills allow. We offer day and overnight trips like the following: Hiking Cadillac Mt. in Acadia, painting in seaside towns like Eastport, canoeing up into Harmon Stream, kayaking the Machias River, and many more.

Should I come first or second session?

This is a question that everyone asks, and the honest truth is that both are great. Our special events often rotate each summer, and many campers float between sessions based on their family’s schedule. All of our staff though come for the entire summer, and if you can’t choose, just do both!

How do I wash my clothes if I am coming for three weeks?

We provide a laundry service for all campers (with the exception of the Bobcats) that is part of the cost of tuition. Once a week all camper laundry goes out to the local laundromat, and is returned clean the following day.

How many campers and staff are in a bunk?

Each session, there are the same two counselors in each bunk and up to twelve campers. Each cabin half has its own bathroom with shower, sink, and private toilets. Cabins live together and eat meals together, but they do not move to activities together. Our bunk counselors were all former campers at Eagle Wing who understand firsthand what bunk life is like. They are fun, energetic, caring, and probably have the answers to all of those nagging questions you might arrive with.

Can I request to bunk with a friend?

While you can request to be in the same cabin as someone else (who is of similar age) we do not allow campers to request to share a bunk. The cabin is small enough that you are never very far away from anyone else.

Is camp fun?

Yes, camp is the highlight of most camper’s summer, and we look forward to it all year long! But, don’t take our word for it; come see for yourself!

What if I have more questions?

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to email us at There are no silly questions- you can ask anything you want.